Laybuy FAQs

Laybuy offers online shoppers a simple interest free payment plan that lets you secure your purchase today and pay for it in 6 equal payments, once a week for 6 weeks.


  • Eligibility for Laybuy?
  • How do I pay using Laybuy?
  • Why am I being charged £1 when I set up my account?
  • Having trouble paying with Laybuy?

Eligibility for Laybuy?

Laybuy performs a credit check to obtain a credit score on all new users upon registration. Once your credit score has been confirmed and your account has been verified, Laybuy assigns your Laybuy limit and you can begin shopping immediately.


How do I pay using Laybuy?

When you get to checkout, under the Payment section, select the option for Laybuy. You’ll be redirected to the Laybuy portal where you’ll be asked to login or register with an email address or mobile phone number. These same details can be used for any future purchases made using Laybuy.

The first payment is equal to one sixth of the purchase price, and occurs once your order is completed. The remaining 5 payments are processed each week on the day you choose, from your nominated card. No further action is required and all account information including a payment schedule can be viewed, at any time, through your Laybuy account.

Once you select Pay by Laybuy at the checkout and complete your purchase, we will dispatch any products directly to you at the delivery address you have requested.


Why am I being charged £1 when I set up my account?

The £1 you see on your account is an AUTH that is applied by your Bank when a new card is added to verify that it is real and that there are sufficient funds available to make a purchase. The £1 isn't actually taken out of your account and you will see this disappear from your bank statement in the next few days. This is a bank process and definitely not a fee from Laybuy.


Having trouble paying with Laybuy?

If you have any trouble placing an order with Laybuy, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Laybuy may have rejected your application to pay on account. We'd recommend choosing another type of payment to complete your purchase.
  • Laybuy may not have been able to check your details using the information that you've provided. You'll need to make sure that your billing address is the same address that your bank/credit cards are registered to, and all information is correct.
  • You may have missed a required field at the checkout.


For more information about Laybuy, please click here.

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